Oregon needs new leadership.

Mission: To clearly present the Common Sense, Conservative principles on which Oregon and the United State of America was founded.
Vision: To be elected Governor of Oregon with a mandate to implement these Conservative principles: Individual Liberty; Limited, Constitutional Government; Decentralized, Local Control of Education,Land Use and Community Fiscal Policy.
Values:   Love – to believe the best of every person: Grace – to accept the rights of all to exercise their freedom of conscience, expression and association, as long as it does no harm to others. Mercy – to extend friendship and compassion to all, even those I disagree with and those who are unkind.  Consistency- to stand on Conservative principles, even when unpopular. Service
– to have a servant’s heart, putting the needs of others above my own, trusting in God’s provision as I serve others.


Common Sense Conservative Republican


Man is not FREE unless government is LIMITED.      Ronald Reagan        



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